RANCHBAND® is a new, patent-pending device and method to assist farmers and veterinarians in the treatment of livestock in the field or office.  It is a medication/syringe holder headband used to safely transport filled syringes/wormers (prior to needle being attached) to the field.  Technicians are trained to keep their heads safe during restraint of animals.  RANCHBAND® respects that training, and uses the head as a logical choice for safe transport of medications/supplies.  RANCHBAND® save users time, money, and manpower while reducing injury to users and animals, and reducing waste of product. 

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Work Smarter . . . Use Your head

As a cattle producer, alone, in the midst of an unusually difficult winter, with illnesses and challenges in the field, I needed a device to help with hands-free treatments.  Tired of dropping syringes, or having syringe release in my pocket or vest during restraint of an animal, I came up with the general concept for the device.  Working with other family farmers, and friends in the industry, several versions were designed and tested.  Once perfected, the RANCHBAND® was born, patented, and is now produced by our team at Rocking S Originals, LLC.